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Bocachica Swimwear: Looks & Places. Brazil

Bocachica Swimwear: Looks & Places. Brazil

Armancao dos Búzios.

A wonderful fishing village with around 20 beaches, wasn't that famous in the 70's when a celebrity and beauty icon "discover" this jewel in Brazil, that woman and bikini-clad was Brigitte Bardot, she brought the flashlights to this places and after that celebrities and people from all over the world came to visit Búzios. Transforming this magical beach place into a more cosmopolita and luxurious one. It has a mediterranean style pretty much like a town in the french riviera. Conde Nast traveller named the "St. Tropez of Brazil". You can take a walk along Orla Bardot wich is an ocena view promenade where you can see some statues and sculptures from artist Christina Motta, and of course there is one of Brigitte Bardot.


To arrive here you need to do a two-hour drive or take a bus from Rio. Crossing a bridge over the Guanabara Bay. If choosing to go by bus from Rio, The 1001 bus company serves Rio and Buzios departing from the rodoviária main bus station. Every 1-2 hours between 6 am and 8.30pm. Cost R$ 43,67 from Rio; return from Búzios is R$38,90. On a good day takes 3 hours; can take up to 6 hours if holiday/ weekend. So it may be better to rent a car or a private drive service and be able to make stops in between for us this is a perfect way to find and discover places.

There are couple of beautiful hotels and places to stay. For us, these are the best of them:

  • Vila da Santa Hotel Boutique & Spa. Located at Praia dos Ossos with very easy acces to the beach and is within walking distance to the town centre where are all the shops, cafes, restaurants.
  • Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel & Spa. Most of the suits are with ocean views. It sits on the front of the little village next to Orla Bardot and Rua das Pedras. Doesn't have direct acces to the beach but you can find them in both sides but not right in front of the hotel.

So if you are planning a summer scape out of ordinary or looking for exclusive places to have your vacations this is an excelent option.

As usual, we choose places where we can take photos of our bikinis and swimsuits. Every destination for us is an inspiration. Here we chose our Bondi beach two-piece bikini reversible between blue klein and colorful palm trees.



Conde Nast Traveller: "Búzios is dubbed the 'St Tropez of Brazil' - not just thanks to the Bardot connection, but also to its buzzing Riviera-esque atmosphere, high-spending sunseekers, café-lined streets and hidden stretches of sand, hugged by the area's many rocky coves."


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